Below are links to the Pew Research Center RSS pages, which gives you access to their reports. The Pew Research Center’s Hispanic Trends Project, launched in 2001 as the Pew Hispanic Center, seeks to improve public understanding of the diverse Hispanic population in the United States and to chronicle Latinos’ growing impact on the nation.  The project conducts public opinion surveys that aim to illuminate Latino views on a range of social matters and public policy issues, including its annual National Survey of Latinos. Pew Research does not take positions on any of the issues it covers or on policy debates.

These links can also be accesses under NEWS FEEDS MARKETING RESEARCH NEWS

  Pew Hispanic Research Reports
  Pew Research Hispanic Interactives
  Pew Research on Hispanic Economics
  Pew Research on Hispanic Education
  Pew Research on Hispanic Identity
  Pew Research on Hispanic Immigration
  Pew Research on Hispanic Work and Employment
  Pew Research on Hispanic Politics
  Pew Research on Hispanic Technology Adoption
  Pew Research on Hispanic Teens and Youth

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How come some of the people shown on the left don't look Hispanic?

Hispanic or Latino is not a race.   There are Latinos of many different races and physical characteristics.  For more information see our FAQ article, Why doesn't the census include Hispanic as a race?, and the Latino Blog post Let's Stop Segmenting People by Race! 

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