Recommendations from Ricardo's LinkedIn Profile


“Ricardo is an expert in his field and I encourage anyone needing research or consulting on the Latino market to speak to him. If you work with Ricardo, you will not be disappointed. He's insightful, extremely knowledgeable and great to work with.” 

Andy Borinstein, Executive Director at Time Inc.


“Ricardo and I share membership in the QRCA and know each other via its forum and having worked together on an early version of the forum committee. He is a keen insight into the association and his contributions are always sound. I consider him the go-to-guy on any question I might have regarding the Latino community, but that is only one part of his professional abilities.” 

Barry Deutsch , Principal Owner , DeutschConsult


“Ricardo is a keen observer, great team skills, knows his stuff in depth, and an all around good guy.” 

Bill Hammer , Owner , Hammer Marketing Resources


“Ricardo Lopez and Otto Rodriguez at Hispanic Research, Inc. are the gold standard when it comes to any kind of Hispanic consumer studies - interviews, focus groups, ethnography, in-homes, intercepts, etc. They work closely with you to understand the purpose of the research and tailor the work and target interviews appropriately. Their breadth of understanding of the diversity within the Hispanic market is outstanding, from country of origin to acculturation and class / income. As a result, they are able to help you focus your studies directly where you can realize the most value. I have worked with them many times and recommend them without reservation.” 

Alex Ulanov, Senior Principal at The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. (BCG)


“Have worked with Ricardo on a wide range of subjects--from beverages to teens to financial solutions to end of life care. Ricardo is a quick study regardless of topic and quickly and easily joins the research and marketing teams contributing an enriched set of marketing insights. Gladly recommend him.” 

Greg Rathjen, Owner, marketecture


“Ricardo is a business consultant with deep, wide knowledge of the Hispanic market and the years of expertise to make any project a success. He is an excellent teacher of all this related to Hispanic marketing and is also a consummate professional. He is an asset to any project you can think of. Take the time to tap into his excellent expertise!”

Lori Hamilton, Owner, Prosperity Productions, and What If Productions


“When I require a Spanish speaking research partner for a project, there is never hesitation in my choice of Ricardo Lopez. In all circumstances where I have worked with Ricardo, my client has given positive feedback on his demeanor, professionalism, skills and warm, friendly personality. My company specializes in healthcare which requires a certain degress of technical acumen and command of a unique language. Ricardo has always been a quick study who is prepared for his work, regardless of industry. I highly recommend Ricardo as a Qualitative Research Consultant."

Kendall W. Gay, Principal, Kendall Gay Consulting, Inc. - Qualitative Healthcare Research


“Ricardo has helped on on multiple projects. We rely on his expertise in multiple areas. He is a top rate bi-lingual focus group moderator and an expert in the US Hispanic consumer. We value his service and expertise. In our business, repeated use of a service provider is endorsement enough. We will continue to use Ricardo and Hispanic Research Inc. as the opportunities present themselves.” 

Tom Hinze - Market Research Director at DHC


“Ricardo Lopez is an intelligent, intuitive moderator who can make respondents feel completely at ease.”

Shifra Lipson , Owner , Shifra Lipson, Spanish Interpreter


“Ricardo has deep knowledge of his subject area, and has associates that help bring your project to fruition effectively and efficiently. As a supplier of market research services, this is a great asset.” 

George A. Wachtel, President, Audience Research & Analysis


“No better choice when you need an expert in the Hispanic market.” 

Kevin Lonnie, President, KL Communications

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