Building on Spirit: Practical Applications to Establish the Ultimate Connection

with Ricardo Lopez, Hispanic Research, Inc.

  • There are no bad respondents.
  • The group you are moderating is always perfect.
  • You are responsible for everything that happens in the group.
  • You can effectively connect with any participant regardless of race or ethnicity.
  • Welcome to "Building on Spirit"!


You may have seen Ricardo's presentation on "Moderating with Spirit" at a prior QRCA conference or chapter meeting. In "Moderating with Spirit" Ricardo explored the intangible qualities that QRCs use to connect to participants and outlined a set of principles that are used by the masters in our field.

This presentation builds on those principles and teaches various techniques and exercises that are conducive to building a spiritual connection with research participants - a connection that will put you in control of every interview.

The presentation on the video was delivered at the Philadelphia/Delaware Valley QRCA Chapter INSPIRATION SUMMIT.on Friday, May 4, 2012.

The video was produced by Barry J. Karchner - Karchner Marketing Research, LLC 





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How come some of the people shown on the left don't look Hispanic?

Hispanic or Latino is not a race.   There are Latinos of many different races and physical characteristics.  For more information see our FAQ article, Why doesn't the census include Hispanic as a race?, and the Latino Blog post Let's Stop Segmenting People by Race! 

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