Traditionally the Internet has been used to conduct written surveys, most of which are self-administered.  The Internet technology of today, however, gives online users the ability to not only communicate via voice, but also by using full video conferencing style communication applications.  This technological capability gives us a new and very useful tool to assess the Latino opinion. 

One of our concerns in using online research with Hispanics is that the methodology traditionally does not lend itself well to the way Latinos prefer to communicate (see the warning text on our online page). 

Using webcams we are able to conduct face to face interviews from our offices with respondents from across the street or around the globe.  The technology now also allows us to conduct webcam focus groups with full video interaction.  We recommend webcam research for:

For more information from one of our research partners who provides the technology see this page on the QualMeeting webcam qualitative research service.