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  1. Man on C train shouts 'Trump,' threatens to kill Iranian couple

    The unidentified man was captured on video by Dr. Mahsa Mehrdad, who has threatened along with her boyfriend.
  2. Paul Ryan insists Obamacare repeal's not dead

    House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) promised to circle back on Obamacare repeal down the line Tuesday morning.
  3. STASI: Airline employee relatives don't get free dress code pass

    You might hate the flying free rules, but then again, probably not as much as paying for a ticket.
  4. NBA players suspended for taking performance-enhancing drugs

    Here is a list of the NBA players who have been hit by a suspension from the league over PED use.
  5. LCD Soundsystem will open Brooklyn Steel with 5 shows

    Just when you feared Brooklyn was losing its edge.
  6. Trump guts Obama-era green energy provisions

    The order essentially suspended, rescinded or flagged for review more than a half-dozen measures put into place by the Obama administration.
  7. Woman accuses Navy of discharging her over sex-complaint

    A Connecticut woman is suing the U.S. Navy alleging she received an “other than honorable discharge” over a sexual harassment complaint.
  8. Man returns library book he stole in 1982

    A patron who stole a book from a Montana library in 1982 has returned it after reading it at least 25 times.
  9. Declining bus ridership due to improved subway service: MTA says

    A top MTA official claimed that bus ridership has plunged because subway service is getting better.
  10. This could be closest thing to Yankees lineup on Opening Day

    Gary Sanchez batting second. Jacoby Ellsbury hitting fifth. Aaron Hicks in right. Ronald Torreyes at short.

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