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  1. How being a player led Jon Hamm to ‘Marjorie Prime’

    It's all about connections and softball.
  2. Va. man charged with passing top-secret documents to China

    A Virginia man is accused of sharing top secret information with a Chinese spy he claimed was a business partner.
  3. St. Louis officer mistakenly blasts off-duty cop amid shootout

    A black off-duty St. Louis officer trying to assist after a police car chase ended in a shootout near his home was shot by a white cop.
  4. Sean Hannity brings up Seth Rich again, alludes to DNC emails

    That was quick!
  5. El Chapo’s alleged girlfriend arrested at border

    A former Mexican legislator romantically linked to Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine.
  6. Nancy Pelosi thinks the Democrats are doing fine

    Minority leader Nancy Pelosi thinks the Dems are doing just fine despite her fellow Democrats thinking it's time for her to get the ax.
  7. Ryan Seacrest holding out for bigger title on ‘American Idol'

    Ryan Seacrest has agreed to return to "American Idol" for $10-$15 million, but his colossal ego is holding out for more.
  8. No one else entered Charleena Lyles' home: Seattle police

    No one other than Charleena Lyles entered her apartment in the 24 hours before the pregnant mother was shot dead by Seattle police.
  9. NYCFC aims for first win at Red Bull Arena in NY soccer battle

    Red or Blue? It's the question of the weekend as the battle for New York takes center stage again this weekend.
  10. John Mara: I wish Giants had another dozen players like Beckham

    Mara would take 12 more Beckhams if he could.

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How come some of the people shown on the left don't look Hispanic?

Hispanic or Latino is not a race.   There are Latinos of many different races and physical characteristics.  For more information see our FAQ article, Why doesn't the census include Hispanic as a race?, and the Latino Blog post Let's Stop Segmenting People by Race! 

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