The US Hispanic market is a conglomerate of Latinos from at least 20 different countries of origin.  Below are the 20 countries that are usually considered part of the Hispanic market.  Spanish is spoken as the primary language in these Latino countries.  While Brazil is a Latin American country, it is usually excluded for research purposes because the primary language spoken there is Portuguese and Brazilians are often marketed to separately from Hispanics.  Spain is sometimes also excluded from our research because many Spaniards do not identify with other US Latinos as they are European and not Latin Americans


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How come some of the people shown on the left don't look Hispanic?

Hispanic or Latino is not a race.   There are Latinos of many different races and physical characteristics.  For more information see our FAQ article, Why doesn't the census include Hispanic as a race?, and the Latino Blog post Let's Stop Segmenting People by Race! 

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